You can't spell geek without 'EE'


Here are some of the projects we have worked on, in no particular order.

CIFS/NFS Storage Proxy

High performance device for real-time identification and manipulation of networking storage protocols (CIFS, NFS) or any TCP/IP based stream. Developed innovative resequencing packet engine to allow removal, modification, and insertion of protocol data. Implemented using Linux and C.

Home Automation Controller

Ported embedded Linux to custom x86 platform. Employed C to create a complete multi-threaded wired and wireless home automation controller. Used Perl to create web based control and scheduling interface with HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Secure USB Flash Device

Developed solution to store encrypted and signed data on a purpose built USB flash devices for industrial use. The data is locked to a specific device and cannot be transferred. Designed APIs to allow access to encrypted data by applications.

Digital Video Camera

Ported embedded Linux to a custom TI DM355 (ARM) based board. Developed video camera software stack to enable the manipulation and capture of digital video from an integrated sensor to an SD card.

Remote Tunneling Appliance

Developed a solution to allow secure plug-and-play access to customer devices from a central datacenter. Architected embedded Linux device, management and configuration process, and server software.

Managed Network Security Service

Integrated with existing team to help architect and then implement a cutting edge managed network security service. The service provides distributed log and event collection, processing, and notification from a wide variety of network devices. Tuned and optimized a complex and extremely high volume MySQL database. Designed data encapsulation APIs and web services. Data is presented through an advanced JavaScript web application. Numerous third party products are integrated to provide a seamless environment for operations personnel.

Windows Mobile Devices (ARM based)

Implemented drivers for numerous ARM based (PXA and OMAP) Windows Mobile and Windows CE devices. Drivers included SDHC Memory, SDIO, 802.11, keyboards, USB host, USB device, touch screen, UART, IR among many others. Optimized devices and drivers for performance and power management. Worked on boot loaders and OS components.

Android Devices (ARM based)

Developed drivers for ARM based (OMAP) devices.

Atom Tablets

Ported two Linux distributions to a rugged Atom (x86) based Tablet. Developed Linux drivers for barcode scanner and MSR device. Designed callback and socket based API for retrieving data from devices. Integrated devices with jPOS, wrote JNI interface. Developed Windows drivers for integrated camera trigger.

Real-time Communication Software

Applied networking and security expertise to solve issues with an innovative real-time communication and collaboration service. Architected and implemented a Linux based "proxy" device to route custom protocol traffic around restrictive network environments. Device can be deployed as appliance with command line interface. Designed and implemented a software abstraction layer to allow porting of existing Windows software to Mac and Linux. Created custom build system and scripts, including Makefiles and source control integration. Designed abstraction layer for HTTP requests from software and debugged and enhanced custom transports.

Mobile Applications

Developed several mobile applications and websites for multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, and webOS. Implemented as cross-platform products using the latest HTML5 technologies combined with native device services. Also designed SDL based applications for portable multimedia and networking applications.