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Project Management

Managing available resources to the fullest can be taxing. Estimating and scheduling complex projects can be daunting for even the most experienced teams. OnCron Engineering has invested in the infrastructure to keep your project under control. Our systems allow real-time client visibility into the project status and management process. These online collaboration tools allow the client dynamic insight into their project, and allow you to be as hands on as you desire. Billing can be broken down into categories based on the client's needs and detailed logs are always available.

OnCron Engineering can take the lead in managing a project, provide analysis and suggestions on current procedures, or integrate seamlessly with an existing team.

Architecture and Design

Our experienced engineers can turn your scribbles and constructs into tangible designs. A well architected product is delivered on time and survives to see an extended lifecycle by the nature of its forward thinking design. Our engineers are grounded in disciplined practices, but creative enough to surprise and delight with innovative designs. After all, this is what we geeks truly live for!


High quality software is no accident. It takes a commitment to doing things the right way. With a broad range of in-house talents and additional resources on call, OnCron Engineering has the passion and expertise to realize your vision.

OnCron Engineering will be there every step of the way, driving quality into your project. Your resulting product will be clearly and logically constructed, concisely commented, and properly documented. These attributes ensure the project will be maintainable by future team members.

Test and QA

Test early and test often. We continually test during the development process, building and exercising unit, feature, and regression tests. We ensure this time is accounted for in the schedule. As the project comes together, test plans are written and system test activities begin. We have experience with numerous portable frameworks to help deliver automated and reproducible test environments. We have also designed several custom test systems based on client needs.

Testing locates bugs, and eradicating these bugs takes in-depth knowledge, discipline, and superior debugging skills. Our skilled engineers troubleshoot, pinpoint, and resolve complex conditions with aplomb.